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Horse Shows

Attending horse shows are a great way to build confidence and use the skills obtained in our lesson program in a fun, yet competitive environment! We attend a wide variety of horse shows suitable for all budgets and skill levels. 


Each horse show varies in cost, depending on the

length of the show, the location, and the skill level.

For Our Beginning Riders: 

  • Local, one day shows

  • Usually scheduled in the summer months 

  • Typically more affordable 

  • Suitable for younger riders or green horses

For Our Intermediate Riders: 

  • B-Rated Shows

  • Weekend-long 

  • High-end atmosphere, but lower cost 

For Our Advanced Riders: 

  • A-Rated Shows 

  • Top of the line 

  • Typically lasts longer than a weekend 

  • Upper-level riders have potential to gain national points and recognition


While budget will vary from show to show, expenses you should keep in mind for each show are:

Pre-Show Expenses

  • Show Clip (Ears, Muzzle, Feet): $15 per horse

  • Full Body Clip: $150 for a horse, $100 for ponies

  • Mane pulling: $15 per horse

  • Trainer/Stable Expenses

    • Horse Care: $40 per day

      • We have the proper equine first aid and maintenance on hand at all times when we attend horse shows. To keep your horse happy and healthy each night, we will provide proper care to ensure their comfort while away from home.

    • Coaching Fee: $45 per day

    • Hauling Fee: Dependent upon distance, split up by the amount of horses traveling in the trailer

Horse Show Fees

  • Entry Fees/Class Fees

  • Stall Fees- Each show

  • Medic Fees

  • Hotel Fees

We know that many of our riders want to show, but do not own or fully lease their own horse! For that reason, we offer weekend leases for available horses or ponies when we travel to horse shows. The cost of the weekend lease will vary dependent on the skill level of the horse or pony. Please contact us if you are interested in taking one of your barn favorites to a show!

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